Truckers Wait for Washington reports that 93% of carrier executives are not pleased with the results of the 2012 presidential election. However, 9% of small carriers are pleased, compared to only 1% of large carriers. These numbers are sourced from the latest Business Expectations Survey, conducted quarterly by trucking industry consulting firm Transport Capital Partners.

In addition, a majority of trucking companies are waiting for the “Fiscal Cliff” debate to be resolved before moving forward with any major mergers and acquisitions. TCP partner Steven Dutro notes, “Carrier executives know that if consumers and businesses are uncertain about the economy, in general, and their own personal finances, in particular, they will not be buying goods. It’s not surprising that carriers are unwilling to risk their own capital if their customers are also sitting on theirs.”

TCP partner Richard Mikes reports a similar sentiment among his industry contacts: “There is a general pause evident throughout the industry,” said Mikes. “Most carriers are in a ‘parked’ mode.”

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