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Richard Mikes Quoted About Impact of Regulatory Uncertainty cites Richard Mikes, TCP managing partner, in an article about the impact of regulatory uncertainty on the future business plans of fleet managers. Read more.

Truckload Rates on the Rise Industry Wide

The Journal of Commerce discusses TCP’s research which shows that truckload rates are on the rise industry wide, although larger carriers seem to be experiencing greater increases than smaller carriers. The article calls the finding, “a sign there may still be life in trucking’s fall peak season.” Click here to read more.

Anticipated Acquisition Activity as Carriers Manuever Changing Industry

An article from notes TCP survey results that project an increase in merger and acquisition activity as carriers attempt to maneuver a changing transportation industry. Read the full article here.

Practical Miles vs. Shortest Miles Formula

DC Velocity writer, Mark B. Solomon, discusses TCP’s finding regarding the change to the “Practical Miles” trucker pay formula from the more traditional “Shortest Miles” formula. Read more.

Almost Seventy Percent of Carriers Expect Volumes to Increase

The captured TCP’s third quarter survey results in an online article entitled, “Carriers: freight volume to increase in next year, but capacity won’t.” The article quotes both Lana Batts and Richard Mikes, TCP managing partners. Read more.

Carriers Plan to Use Independent Contractors and Used Trucks to Add Capacity displayed the survey results for TCP’s Business Expectation Survey, quoting Lana Batts, managing partner for TCP, about the specific ways carriers intend to add capacity in the next year. These plans include the use of both independent contractors and used trucks, despite high cost and limited availability. Read more.

Both Small and Large Carriers Hesitant to Add Capacity highlights TCP’s Third Quarter Business Expectation Survey’s findings that carriers expect to see volumes and rates increase in the coming year. The article also discusses the survey results which show hesitation of both large and small carriers to add capacity in the next twelve months. Read the full article.