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TCP Partner Lana Batts Interviewed by DC Velocity

Recently, TCP Partner Lana Batts was interviewed by DC Velocity as part of their Thought Leader Q & A series. The article highlights her extensive background in the transportation industry and her views on current trucking hot topics. Responding to questions from Senior Editor Mark B. Solomon, Lana Batts discusses the new hours-of-service regulations, her role in Tulsa, Okla.-based company Driver iQ, women in trucking, and the thorny issue of driver pre-screening.

Read the full interview here.

Study Finds Truckers Unhappy With Election

In a recent article from DC Velocity, it is reported that an overwhelming majority of those in the trucking industry did not support the President in the 2012 Election. According to the 4Q 2012 Business Expectations Survey by Transport Capital Partners (TCP), 93% of carrier executives surveyed were unhappy with the election results.

Additionally, the article relates that uncertainty in the US economy is affecting industry mergers and acquisitions. In a statement, TCP Partners Richard Mikes and Steven Dutro said, “Uncertainty about the tax picture for 2013 is [pushing] some carriers to accelerate merger and acquisition activity before the year closes, and many deals are being pressured as buyers and sellers are uncertain about what 2013 holds for them.”

Read the full article here.

Impact of Driver Shortage on Driver Wages

A recent article by DC Velocity discusses the concerns of carriers that a shortage of qualified truck drivers will lead to a large increase in driver wages. The article bases the information on findings from TCP’s second quarter Business Expectations Survey. For more information about carriers’ expectations for driver wages, read the full article here.

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Truckers

A recent article from DC Velocity titled “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be truckers” discusses the impact of the Great Recession on trucking industry. TCP’s third quarter Business Expectations survey is cited, which showed that 28% of carriers are considering selling in the next 18 months if conditions don’t improve. This is the highest percentage since the survey began in 2008. Batts is quoted in the article as saying that the higher costs and regulatory constraints are frustrating to executives and that “it just isn’t fun anymore.” For more about the impact of the economy on the trucking industry, read the full article here.

Nation’s Leading Shipping Executives Didn’t Get to the Top by Accident

In an article from DC Velocity, the recent TCP survey is quoted. The nation’s leading shipper executives didn’t rise to the top of their profession by accident. It took resourcefulness and determination, honed by decades of experience and results, to get to where they are. Read the full article.

Practical Miles vs. Shortest Miles Formula

DC Velocity writer, Mark B. Solomon, discusses TCP’s finding regarding the change to the “Practical Miles” trucker pay formula from the more traditional “Shortest Miles” formula. Read more.

New Driver Pay Suffers Amid Economic Downturn

Transport Topics recently quoted Richard Mikes regarding new driver’s pay. The article also references the national Business Expectations survey conducted by Transport Capital Partners. Read the entire article.

Editorial: Fuel Surcharges Not a Significant Source of Income

DC Velocity, a leading publication for Distribution Management, published a letter to the editor in its April issue from Lana Batts concerning raising fuel prices. Lana strongly objected to an editorial which claimed that carriers were making money off their fuel surcharges. She noted that carriers only cover about 75 to 80 percent of their gallons with their surcharges because of (1) the differences in billed miles versus actual; (2) empty and out of route miles, (3) refrigeration unit fuels, (4) congestion, and (5) idling.