Reuters article quotes Managing Partner Jim Parham on the rapid pace of M&A activity in trucking

Jim Parham, Managing Partner, was quoted in ‘Reuters’ November 6, 2017 article “U.S. truck firms accelerate into the merging lane”

“It’s (the pace of acquisitions) been as busy as we’ve seen it since we started the business 13 years ago,” said Jim Parham, managing partner Florida-based M&A advisory firm Transport Capital Partners.

“We expect this pace to continue, if not accelerate, in the coming months,” Parham said.

Parham hopes to close four deals between firms with revenue of between $10 million to $250 million in the coming weeks but declined to provide specifics.

In February, Parham helped less-than-truckload carrier Central Freight Lines buy Wilson Trucking Corp out of Waco, Texas, another LTL carrier, to expand into the U.S. Southeast. LTL carriers consolidate smaller freight loads onto a single truck.

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