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Health Care Costs Rising

A recent article by discussed the impact of rising healthcare costs on businesses nationwide. The article cites the findings of TCP’s fourth quarter 2011 Business Expectations Survey which found that 80% of carriers surveyed will be adversely affected by recent healthcare changes. In 2012, the healthcare premium rate increase is predicted at 7% and average premium price per employee at $10,475. To read more about the variety of methods discussed for combating these rising costs, click here.

Are Health Care Costs Eating Carriers Alive?

Fleet Owner questions what impact rising health care costs will have on carriers by referencing results from TCP’s recent Business Expectations Survey. To read more about carriers’ thoughts and strategies on combating these costs, click here.

Smaller Carriers More Likely to be Impacted by Health Care Changes

Batts and Mikes are both quoted in an article by that highlights the findings about health care costs from TCP’s recent survey. According to the survey, smaller carriers are more likely to be negatively impacted by healthcare changes that larger carriers who plan to implement numerous strategies such as wellness plans. Click here to read the full article.

Survey Questions What Effects Health Care Changes Will Have on Carriers

An article by discusses whether or not recent changes in health care will have an adverse effect on carriers, a question asked in TCP’s recent Business Expectations Survey. TCP partners speculate that the 19% of carriers who reported no adverse effect may be primarily independent contractor firms. Click here to read the full article.

Survey Results Suggest a 30% Increase in Current Driver Pay

A recent article by Supply Chain Digest (SCD) says that the findings from TCP’s fourth quarter survey regarding driver wages would signify a 30% increase in current pay. Due to this increase rates would have to be raised by at least 11%. Click here to read more and to view the graphics SCD selected for the article.

Carriers Anticipate an Increase in Driver Wages

A recent article by highlights some of the findings in TCP’s recent fourth quarter 2011 Business Expectations Survey which shows that 65% of carriers anticipate that driver pay will need to be north of $60,000 to both attract and retain drivers. Read the full article here.

Balance a Keyword in 2012

An article from Today’s Trucking discusses the findings of TCP’s recent survey which shows that a driver shortage continues and wage expectations for drivers has shifted. Some of the partners were quoted discussing the results, noting that “balance will be a keyword in 2012”. Click here to read the full article.

Increase in Capacity Not Planned Until Rates Improve

Seventy-three percent of responding carriers in TCP’s recent survey said that they will not add any sort of significant capacity until rates improve. Twenty-five percent of carriers said that the operating ratio would need to be 87-90, while 50% said that it would need to be between 91-94. Click here to read’s full review.

Majority of Carriers Are Planning to Add Little or No Capacity

Both Batts and Mikes were recently quoted in Fleet Owner’s article discussing TCP’s fourth quarter Business Expectations survey that found that 73% of carriers plan to add 0-5% capacity. TCP believes that these expectations are impacted by low GDP predictions, escalating costs and regulatory constraints, and an unclear path towards higher rates. For more information, read the full article here.

Carriers Still Hesitant to Add Capacity

TCP’s fourth quarter 2011 Business Expectations Survey found that carriers are still hesitant to add capacity, and discusses how, for the last six quarters, carriers’ plans to expand have remained consistent. For more information, read the full article here.