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Smaller Carriers May Be Disadvantaged Under ACA

According to a recent Transport Topics article citing TCP survey results, smaller carriers are more likely to report adverse effects from the Affordable Care Act than larger carriers. Thirty percent of smaller companies are considering dropping health coverage for employees compared with only 10% of larger carriers.

The article quotes TCP partner Richard Mikes, ”Smaller carriers are at a disadvantage to find and retain drivers if they cannot compete with the health packages offered by larger carriers.”

The new health care law will require most companies with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance to workers.

Read more here. Shares Survey Results on Health Care Changes

Carriers are gradually coming to terms with the effects of the new health care law, and what they must do to comply, according to TCP’s third quarter survey.

Thirty-six percent of carriers last year indicated that the new law had made no difference to their business. This quarter, that number dropped to just 8%.

Carriers have also shifted their strategies for dealing with the increased costs. In the fourth quarter of 2011, 43% of carriers indicated they were likely to have employees contribute more toward health costs. Now, carriers are more likely to implement wellness programs (44%) and health savings plans (30%).

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Drivers Pay Likely to Increase reports that three-quarters of carriers are expecting to increase wages in the coming year in an effort to reduce driver turnover. The information comes from the Third Quarter Business Expectation Survey by Transport Capital Partners.

Uncertainty with how the upcoming presidential election will affect health care policies is also a concern for carriers, but not as much as was reported a year ago. TCP Partner Steven Dutro claims, “Without better pay and affordable health care for drivers, carriers will not be able to increase capacity for shippers.” Read the full article here.

Health Care Costs Put Financial Pressures on Carriers

An article by reports that the rising costs of health care not only put financial pressure on the bottom line for carriers, but also makes it more difficult for them to recruit drivers and independent contractors. Click here to read more about how health care costs are affecting the transportation industry.

Recent Health Care Changes Adversely Impact Carriers

The impact of health care changes on carriers is discussed in a recent article by Bulk Transporter which highlights the findings of TCP’s fourth quarter Business Expectations Survey, most notably that 80% of surveyed carriers say that these changes will adversely affect business. Click here to read more about how carriers are planning to shift costs.

Health Care Costs Rising

A recent article by discussed the impact of rising healthcare costs on businesses nationwide. The article cites the findings of TCP’s fourth quarter 2011 Business Expectations Survey which found that 80% of carriers surveyed will be adversely affected by recent healthcare changes. In 2012, the healthcare premium rate increase is predicted at 7% and average premium price per employee at $10,475. To read more about the variety of methods discussed for combating these rising costs, click here.

Are Health Care Costs Eating Carriers Alive?

Fleet Owner questions what impact rising health care costs will have on carriers by referencing results from TCP’s recent Business Expectations Survey. To read more about carriers’ thoughts and strategies on combating these costs, click here.

Smaller Carriers More Likely to be Impacted by Health Care Changes

Batts and Mikes are both quoted in an article by that highlights the findings about health care costs from TCP’s recent survey. According to the survey, smaller carriers are more likely to be negatively impacted by healthcare changes that larger carriers who plan to implement numerous strategies such as wellness plans. Click here to read the full article.

Survey Questions What Effects Health Care Changes Will Have on Carriers

An article by discusses whether or not recent changes in health care will have an adverse effect on carriers, a question asked in TCP’s recent Business Expectations Survey. TCP partners speculate that the 19% of carriers who reported no adverse effect may be primarily independent contractor firms. Click here to read the full article.

Richard Mikes Quoted About Impact of Regulatory Uncertainty cites Richard Mikes, TCP managing partner, in an article about the impact of regulatory uncertainty on the future business plans of fleet managers. Read more.