Your most important decisions deserve the most qualified advisors.


Transport Capital Partners (TCP) is a leading trucking and transportation consulting firm specializing in transportation mergers and acquisitions, and related advisory services. The firm is made up of three Managing Partners and associated transportation professionals, and each provide an unique perspective and area of expertise from the industry. TCP draws on years of experience in the transportation and trucking industry to help truck lines achieve their goals, be it to buy or sell.

Transport Capital Partners offers success-driven services in two main areas:

What makes us different from other firms?

Diesel is in our blood. We know the trucking industry inside and out. Not only do our partners understand the strategic operations of trucking companies, but they also understand the pressures and responsibilities of daily management.

Our collective experience. We are well respected because of the tenure of the partners and the success of our deals.

We don’t waste your time. We are not investment bankers or agents trying to generate fees for a corporation. We don’t see the point in providing strategic recommendations that cannot be feasibly implemented any more than we can see the point in showing a potential buyer dozens of companies that do not fit their qualifications.

We spend time getting to know your company and what it stands for. This knowledge allows us to make the most appropriate and realistic recommendations for your company.