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Small Fleets More Likely to Leave Industry is Volumes Do Not Increase

Tire Review discusses results from TCP’s third quarter business expectations and insights from the partners that say that small fleets are more likely to leave the industry if volumes do not increase. Read the full review here.

One in Five Carriers Willing to Park Their Trucks

The Ontario Trucking Association cites TCP’s recent survey noting that “One in five carriers are willing to park their trucks.” Click here to read more.

Survey Data Selected by Supply Chain Digest as Graphic of the Week

Results from TCP’s third quarter Business Expectations Survey were chosen by Supply Chain Digest as the graphic of the week. Click here to review the results of the survey question “How have your average freight rates moved in the last 3 months?”

Twenty Percent of Surveyed Carriers Would Consider Leaving the Industry

While smaller carriers are more optimistic about business volume increases over the next six months, there are still a significant number (20% of those surveyed in TCP’s recent Business Expectations Survey) that are strongly considering leaving the industry. To read the full coverage by, click here.

Many Carriers Are Considering Leaving the Industry

In a recent article by, Batts and Mikes are quoted regarding the recent findings from the Third Quarter TCP Business Expectations Survey. Given uncertainty about volumes, rates, drivers, and the economy, many carriers are considering leaving the industry. For more information, read the full article.

Potential for Truck Shortage Based on Carriers’ Hesitancy to Add Capacity discusses the tension between carriers who are hesitant to add capacity and the possibility that, with a slight improvement in the economy, there will be a truck shortage. Batts, who spoke for a Stifel Nicolaus Capital Markets conference call on October 12th, was quoted in the article. To read more about the Third Quarter TCP Business Expectations Survey and Batts’ reflections, click here.

Tendency for Carriers to Use Contractors to Expand Fleets is Down

While the use of independent contractors has remained steady over the last five quarters, the tendency for carriers to use contractors to expand their fleets is trending down. quotes Batts and Mikes on the findings from TCP’s recent Business Expectations Survey. To read the full article, click here.

Canadian Trucking Alliance Reports on Recent TCP Survey

The Canadian Trucking Alliance reports on the most recent TCP Business Expectations Survey by highlighting the decrease in the use of brokers in the industry. To read more about the future of brokers in the trucking industry, click here.

Truck Order Higher Than Expected in September But Capacity Increases Still Uncertain speculates the upcoming future of the trucking industry and cites the Third Quarter TCP Business Expectations Survey. According to ACT Research Co., truck orders for September exceeded expectations, and another report shows that the non-manufacturing sector continues to grow. Capacity increases are still uncertain however, and many carriers report not planning on adding significant capacity. For more information, read the full article.

Carriers Backing Away from New Truck Buying Plans reports how carriers are backing away from new truck buying plans and are unsure of how to add capacity. The article cites the Third Quarter TCP Business Expectations survey as well as quoting both Batts and Mikes. To read more about carriers’ feelings on adding capacity, read the full article.