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Degree of Interest in Natural-Gas Powered Trucks Surprising

Logistics Management reports on the growing interest in natural gas as a potential fuel source for transportation companies, especially as the price of diesel continues to rise. Richard Mikes, the TCP Partner who directed the survey in collaboration with ACT Research, was quoted in the article stating that “the degree of interest in natural gas-powered trucks by survey respondents was higher than TCP originally anticipated” and that “the fairly high level of interest compared to degree of knowledge was surprising”. Click here to read the full article.

Over Half of Carriers Surveyed Considering Natural Gas Fueled Trucks

A recent article by Bulk Transporter discusses the findings of TCP’s recent survey about carriers’ perceptions surrounding natural gas (NG) as a fuel source. Slightly over half of the carriers surveyed are considering NG fueled trucks. Click here to read more about the findings.

Carriers Looking at Natural Gas as Potential Fuel Source

Carriers are looking at natural gas as a potential fuel source, but conditionally, reports Refrigerated Transporter. TCP Partner, Richard Mikes, is quoted in the article: “The survey confirms the growing interest in natural gas by carriers encouraged by the large difference in price, but also shows the complexities of choices in terms of type of fuel, fuel supply systems, payload impact, station availability and so forth.” Click here for the full article.

Understanding Carriers’ Views on Natural Gas shares the results of Transport Capital Partners’ recent special survey geared at gaining a better understanding of how carriers are thinking about the potential of natural gas fuel for their fleets. While slightly over half of carriers are considering natural gas, they still voice many concerns. Read more about what carriers think about natural gas here.

Carriers Hesitant in Selecting Natural Gas

According to an article by, truckers are hesitant in selecting natural gas as a potential fuel source, citing fuel station availability, higher vehicle purchase price, product specs/performance, and secondary market value on equipment as potential concerns. Read more about what carriers think about natural gas as a fuel source.

StateImpact reports on TCP’s Natural Gas Survey

StateImpact, a reporting project of local public media and NPR, reported recently on TCP’s special survey about the potential of natural gas as a primary fuel source for trucking companies. Despite the fact that natural gas is half the price of diesel, 94% of carriers express concern about natural gas availability and infrastructure. Read the news briefing here.

Batts Quoted in Virtual-Strategy Magazone

TCP Partner Lana Batts was recently quoted in Virtual-Strategy Magazine about Internet Truckstop’s Trans4Cast. Batts said, “The ATA’s tonnage is primarily from contract rates and are usually tied to one-year contracts; Internet Truckstop’s data is spot market and tells us more what is happening now with supply and demand.” To read the full article, click here.