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Freight brokerage still important

Freight brokerage is still playing an important role for carriers, reports Bulk Transporter. Despite an increase of brokered freight services in the last three months, 62% of carriers are using fewer brokers than six months ago. Small carriers (under $25 million in revenue) report a higher use of brokers than larger carriers, most likely due to lower lane density and smaller marketing staffs. The article is based on TCP’s recent Business Expectations Survey. Click here to read the full article.

TCP’s Second Quarter Business Expectations Survey will launch on Thursday, May 2nd. If you are a carrier interested in participating, please visit our industry survey page to learn more.

Freight Rates Stable but Increases are Expected TCP Survey Finds reports on the most recent trucking industry survey by Transport Capital Partners. The survey found that for the first time since February of 2012, the trend line for carriers expecting rates to increase over the next twelve months went up. While freight rates remained the same for a majority of carries over the last three months, there are optimistic expectations for increases in both business volumes and freight rates in the next 12 months. For more information, click here to read the full article.


Over Half of Carriers Surveyed Considering Natural Gas Fueled Trucks

A recent article by Bulk Transporter discusses the findings of TCP’s recent survey about carriers’ perceptions surrounding natural gas (NG) as a fuel source. Slightly over half of the carriers surveyed are considering NG fueled trucks. Click here to read more about the findings.

Carriers Anticipate Small Increase in Driver Wages

Bulk Transporter discusses the recent TCP Business Expectations Survey which found that while 93% of carriers anticipate an increase in driver wages, that 71% expect these increases to be under 5%. For more information about the survey findings, read the full article here.

Shippers Paying Attention to CSA Regulations

n a recent article by Bulk Transporter, TCP’s Second Quarter Business Expectations Survey results are discussed which show that shippers are beginning to pay attention to CSA regulations as well. For more information about the survey results, read the full article here.

Carriers Moving Away from the Use of Brokers

As reported by Bulk Transporter, carriers are moving away from the use of brokers. According to TCP’s First Quarter 2012 Business Expectations Survey, 33% of carriers are using more brokers whereas 67% are using less. Read the full article here.

Carriers Expect to See Increase in Volumes & Rates in Coming Year

Bulk Transporter reports how carriers expect to see an increase in both volumes and rates in the coming year according to TCP’s recent quarterly industry survey. Both Batts and Mikes are quoted in their analysis of the survey findings. Click here to read the full article.

Recent Health Care Changes Adversely Impact Carriers

The impact of health care changes on carriers is discussed in a recent article by Bulk Transporter which highlights the findings of TCP’s fourth quarter Business Expectations Survey, most notably that 80% of surveyed carriers say that these changes will adversely affect business. Click here to read more about how carriers are planning to shift costs.

Driver Shortage Continues But Carriers Are Agressively Recruiting

According to TCP’s fourth quarter carrier industry survey and a recent article by Bulk Transporter, driver issues continue for carriers. While a driver shortage still exists, Mikes, TCP Partner, notes that “Carriers are aggressively recruiting and are opening more training slots, while the lack of extension of unemployment benefits is potentially encouraging people to seek jobs and training.” Click here to read more.

Carriers Looking for Specific Lanes or Customers When Seeking an Acquisition

Lana Batts is quoted in Bulk Transporter‘s article on the recent acquisition of Frozen Food Express Industries’ dry van fleet by Celadon Group. Batts notes that TCP sees “a tremendous amount of interest in acquisitions, but not merger for the sake of merger, or just to get larger. Companies are looking for specific lanes, specific customers or specific types of shipments.” Click here to read more about current merger and acquisition activity.