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Dedicated Services a Win for Both Carriers and Shippers in Long-Term

Carriers are reluctant to add capacity, says in a recent article citing TCP’s Second Quarter 2012 Business Expectations Survey. Mikes is cited in the article discussing how, in the long run, dedicated services will be a win for both carriers and shippers. To read the full article and findings from the survey, click here.

Shippers Also Worried about CSA Scores

Steelhead Finance reports on the TCP’s recent industry survey that found that shippers are also worried about the CSA scores of carriers. Over 72% of surveyed carriers say that some of their customers are concerned about CSA scores. For more information on carriers future expectations for CSA scores, read the full article here.

Carriers Are Still Hesitant to Add Capacity

Carriers are still hesitant to add capacity reports Today’s Trucking. Results from TCP’s second quarter Business Expectations Survey show the 71% of carriers expect to add little or no capacity in the coming year. Mikes, TCP Partner, states that this is due to an increase in regulation and the challenges of finding qualified drivers. Read more about the survey results here.

Shippers Starting to Pay More Attention to CSA Scores

A recent article by Transport Topics highlights that shippers are starting to pay more attention to the CSA scores of carriers. More than 72% of surveyed carriers state that some of their customers are concerned about CSA scores, and might even fire a carrier with low CSA scores. The article also discusses CSA’s approach to whose accountable for accidents as well the disparity in use of elogs between large and small carriers. Click here to download the article.

Trucking Capacity Shrinking Due to Driver Shortage

Is a shortage of drivers hampering the trucking industry? In a speech made by Rosalyn Wilson, author of the 2012 Annual State of Logistics Report prepared by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, predictions are made that trucking capacity is shrinking due to a shortage of drivers. Wilson references findings from TCP’s quarterly Business Expectations Surveys. Read the Charleston Business Journal’s review of the speech here.

Growing Shortage of Drivers may Cause Capacity Crunch discusses how The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals just released its 2012 Annual State of Logistics Report which predicts that a growing shortage of drivers might cause a capacity crunch. The Report cites data from TCP’s 4th Quarter Business Expectations Survey which showed that about 18% of carriers surveyed reported 6-10% unseated trucks. For more information about the report, read the full article here.

CSA Regulations are a Growing Concern for Carriers and Shippers

CSA regulations are a growing concern for carriers and shippers in North American. The Canadian Trucking Alliance discusses TCP’s recent survey findings. To learn more, click here.

TCP Business Expectations Survey Featured by Ontario Trucking Association

The Ontario Trucking Association highlights TCP’s quarterly industry survey regarding carriers’ opinions and concerns about CSA regulations. Read more about the survey responses here.

Shippers Starting to Use CSA Scores as a Way to Evaluate Carriers

A recent article by discusses how shippers are starting to use CSA scores as a means of evaluating carriers and dropping ones with high scores. The article references TCP’s findings from the Quarterly Business Expectations Survey which shows that carriers are deploying several different methods to ensure compliance. Read the full article here.

Carriers Frustrated with Costs and Complexities of CSA reports on how carriers are becoming more frustrated with the costs and complexities of CSA regulations according to TCP’s most recent quarterly survey. Over 75% of carriers surveyed indicate that compliance has cost them $500 or more per driver. For more information, click here.