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Mergers & Acquisitions Sell Side Process


“When the decision was made to sell the reefer trucking division of our portfolio, we interviewed many advisors to help us. Transport Capital Partners (TCP) was chosen to represent us in this effort due to the vast trucking experience of the partners at TCP who have all held senior positions in major trucking organizations and companies. TCP only brought qualified buyers to us and provided valuable guidance, reinforcing that we had made the right decision. I would highly recommend Transport Capital Partners to prospective Sellers or Buyers.”

-Thad Call, Former President/Owner of ACT Transport sold to Digby Trucking

“After having owned our trucking company for over forty years, the decision was made to find a buyer with which to integrate our company and allow me to phase out of the business. I still wanted to work but without the pressure of being an owner. We chose Transport Capital Partners (TCP) because of their highly respected reputation within the trucking Industry. TCP found just the right company and helped me though the process of selling. Anyone seeking to sell their business or to find an exit strategy would be well served by the experience of the Transport Capital Partners.”

-Larry Waldron, Former Owner of WW Trucking sold to Lessors

“Transport Capital Partners did a wonderful job in selling E.W. Wylie. Since they know our industry so well, they were able to understand quickly the best selling features of our company, market to a wide variety of well qualified buyers, and complete the transaction under very tight time constraints. We recommend them highly for anyone interested in selling.”

-Brian Gast, President /CEO, E.W. Wylie Corporation

Transport Capital Partners (TCP) provides strategic value through every step in the process and customizes the efforts to the unique needs of the seller. Read a case study of successful acquisition or view our current companies looking to buy.

Define Objectives

TCP helps you prioritize your objectives; financial, continuity of business, family, employee retention, minimizing disruptions, etc. We help you determine your preferred time frame and develop a plan with key dates. We also assist in determining the appropriate structure for the sale and well as the value of potential transactions. We ensure confidentiality in addition to strategic support.

Understand Business Operations

TCP works to understand your business by collecting information about your business structure, customers, markets, drivers, organization, and company culture. By better understanding your business and objectives, we can effectively identify potential buyers.

Identify and Prioritize Potential Buyers

Through TCP’s extensive network, we identify, qualify, and prioritize potential buyers and we identify firms that should not be contacted because they are not a strategic fit. We analyze the feedback from any firms who may have been contacted informally and declined, and use this knowledge in future approaches.

Develop a Sales and Marketing Plan

TCP develops a sales and marketing plan and strategies on “who to sell to” and “why”. Based on your objectives, we help you determine the breadth of distribution, confidentiality, and any level of advertising.

Approach Potential Buyers and Cultivate Interest

As we approach potential buyers we maintain tight confidentiality. First, we contact all companies identified as potential buyers with general information. Next we follow-up with the interested buyers, secure a non-disclosure agreement, and send a descriptive memorandum. Finally, we provide truly interested buyers with any additional information, conduct conference calls and on-site visits as needed, and finally, secure letter(s) of intent.

Coordinate Buyer Requests

Acting as a strategic advisor, TCP handles any information requests from potential buyers as well as participating in all conference calls and on-site visits.

Evaluate Proposed Purchase Structures and Relative Valuations

TCP will determine the relative valuations of each proposal in addition to reviewing qualitative and financial implications of alternative structures. We also help assess the buyers’ objectives.

Finalize Choice of Buyers and Closing Support

TCP helps you select your preferred transaction structure and works with your other advisors (tax, legal, and accounting) to help negotiate the final agreements. We monitor the process through to completion and follow up to ensure a successful transaction.