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Mergers & Acquisitions Buy Side Process

Transport Capital Partners (TCP) provides strategic value through every step in the acquisition process and customizes the process to the unique needs of the buyer. Read a case study of successful acquisition or view our current companies looking to sell.

Define Acquisition Strategy

Determine internal goals and purpose for the acquisition as well as a list of criteria. TCP later uses this list of criteria to appropriately qualify potential sellers.

Evaluate Potential Sellers

TCP works hard to only bring qualified sellers to the table and not waste your time with companies that do not match your acquisition goals. All potential candidates are evaluated, and preliminary fact finding is undertaken to review candidates’:

  • Profitability
  • Revenue
  • Number of Employees
  • Locations
  • Customers: Largest, Concentration
  • Competitors

Evaluate Recent Sales

TCP is knowledgeable of recent transactions in the market and has a firm understanding of how to valuate businesses and trading multiples. We also provide an objective third party assessment.

Approach Potential Sellers

TCP utilizes its extensive contact network to approach potential sellers. Our credibility and experience in the marketplace ensures an effective approach.

Analyze Alternative Acquisition Structures

TCP takes time to evaluate the feasibility of alternative transaction structures as well as the qualitative and financial implications. We also help assess the seller’s objectives to see if this will be a good fit.

Finalize Acquisition Structure/Offer

TCP advises on the preferred transaction structure considering any tax, legal, and accounting considerations. We also help prepare a financial plan if necessary so that alternative options have been assessed and the feasibility, cost and timing of the transaction have been considered.

Provide Due Diligence Guidance

TCP develops an appropriate list for specific circumstances to ensure that all information has been gathered and that all of your questions have been answered during the due diligence process. Additionally, we will make suggestions for an appropriate team including operations, legal, finance, maintenance and as well as suggest schedule development.

Negotiate Closing

TCP provides executive-level strategic counsel throughout the entire transaction. We will assist as needed negotiating the final agreements. We monitor the process through to a successful completion.