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Capital Sourcing

Securing the money you need. Transport Capital Partners (TCP) translates your strategic objectives into optimum financial structures, providing long-term efficient capital. We will also evaluate alternatives with you, including the financial and non-financial implications. Whatever your capital needs, we have the experience:

  • Working Capital
  • Long-term Commercial Loans or ABL Loans
  • Loans and Leases for Equipment
  • Mezzanine Financing

Knowing lenders who understand the industry is key to building long term borrowing relationships. If your current lender no longer supports your efforts, we can help. Our sources include national and regional banks, commercial finance companies, private equity firms, angel investors, venture capital groups, as well as receivable or inventory financers. Our experience allows us to quickly assess your situation and identify the most strategic and effective source of funding for your business. We also recommend appropriate actions in order to safeguard your business and your personal finances.

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